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Monday March 2nd at 11am EST (10am CST / 9am MST / 8am PST)

Conor Heaney, Director of Jones & Co. Styling Opticians and Founder of Optical Success Academy

Conor Heaney, founder of Optical Success Academy, runs one of the most successful practices in the world with an average eyewear sale of over $1000 and 5X the industry average.

Through his unique strategies he has helped hundreds of independent practice owners to transform their practices, make more money and have more freedom and time off.

He is a respected and sought-after International optometry expert, optical industry leader and influencer.

"In just 6 months we’re really seeing the true potential of the practice."

"My least favourite meeting of the year used to be the one with my accountant. That all changed this month when my accountant told me we’ve added $52,000 to our bottom line in the last 6 months working with Conor Heaney and Optical Success Academy.

Conor’s program has forced me to re-examine everything in my practice. We’ve refined our pricing and our processes and in just 6 months we’re really seeing the true potential of the practice." 

- Kevin Count, Corner Eyecare, Glenview, Illinois

"Cutting edge ideas for the optical industry."

"Conor Heaney and the Optical Success Academy have cutting edge ideas for the optical industry. Since becoming a member only 3 short months ago, we are already doing things for customers that no other optical in the U.S. is doing. We can say with complete confidence that we are different than all other optical stores." 

- Leah Johnson, Central Texas Eye Center, Texas

"My practice has grown and evolved dramatically with Conor’s advice."

“I have been in Optical Success Academy for 18 months now, and my practice has grown and evolved dramatically with Conor’s advice. It has not just led to more money in the till but is constantly moving the business forward and allowing me to have a better lifestyle.” 

- Rachel Murray, Optometrist & Practice Owner, Rachel Murray Eyecare, Sligo

"I have a whole new energy for my practice.”

"Although my practice was already successful and doing well I was feeling over-worked with no clear path forward. I felt stuck. Working with Conor has helped me carve out time to work on the practice. Practices don’t excel just by accident – you need processes. Optical Success Academy has those processes.

Being in Optical Success Academy has given me the tools to take my practice to the next level. Working with Conor has been a lifeline that has given me a new plan and the support and confidence to make it happen.

I can now articulate exactly where I am going with my practice. Communication within the practice is much better. We’ve got a steady flow of new patients who love our concierge-like experience. I’m very excited about the future and have a whole new energy for my practice.”

- Dr Mary Boname, Montgomery Eyecare, Skillman, New Jersey